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The City of Light

Can we all agree there is no place like Paris, France?  The city has so much to offer visitors, and if you are fortunate to live here, you are  surrounded by incredible visuals and events.

We love Paris, the sights, sounds, streets, and smells stay with you forever. Let us share with you some of the information, images and links for your Paris France Life experience.

There is something about the charm of Paris, best experienced by walking around the city, that can only be described by those who have visited the City of Light. 

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Sights to behold

2017 is filled with events in Paris, France - Watch this video!

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As the number one travel destination in the world - Paris, France welcomes visitors with many sights to see, and amazing events year-round. 

Paris France Life  and  Paris France Media online properties are focused on sharing our love for the "City of Light," while creating liaisons and connections with French and international tourism, business, and entertainment entities who share the goal of promoting Paris, France in all its glory! 

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There are so many amazing events year around in Paris, France. A favorite in the summertime is the Tour de France - simply known as Le Tour, which is enjoyed by millions worldwide.


In Paris, you never know what you'll run into when you walk around the city. Discover new and unusual things as you explore the streets of Paris.


Paris has some of the most recognizable monuments in the world. These must-see destinations in the City of Light are located at easy to find areas across the city.


A favorite activity among Parisians and tourists is visiting the many outdoor Markets in Paris. Be sure to get to a market and do some shopping.


While in Paris, enjoy the lifestyle in various neighborhoods which each offer their own take on Paris life. Walking around is best, or use a Vélib' to get around by bicycle. 


France is known for its culinary excellence. Enjoy the many restaurants offering fine cuisine, cheese and Wine, or go casual and get a few things at the market for a picnic by the Seine river!

Paris is alive with excitement in this video:

Watch this Paris sightseeing video:

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